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In the second quarter of 2018, phishing was the most common cyber attack in the world

Main sources of attacks

57,4% | Phishing via messaging app

19,2% | Suspicious Advertising

7% | Fake news

4% | Email phishing

3,8% | Bank Phishing

Our Solutions

Set up your email account your own way

Set up your email account by adjusting the antispam filter as you need. In addition to making corporate email more secure and clean, transferring responsibility to users will require less IT staff.

Simplified quarantine access

Not all e-mails are actually malicious, so there is the quarantine box, which is the repository where anti-spam archives, dubious e-mails wait for user interaction, in order to approve or disapprove the e-mail.

Server monitoring and e-mail password leak

Monitor your server and email password leakage in a variety of ways: reports, graphs and dashboards, all with user-friendly interface, easy administration and all solutions in a single interface and in real time.

Advanced Messaging Reports

Simple and easy-to-access interface, the user identifies barred e-mails, defines his black and white lists and rescues retained e-mails, and also has access to quarantine, Anti-Spam archives dubious e-mails waiting the user to approve or reject it.

Stay off the dreaded Blacklist

We check your domain or IP to know if it is blacklisted, the unreliable domains classification.

Real-time monitoring of searches on anti-virus lists and search sites.

If your email is in the list, our support will guide you on how to withdraw.

Create your own rule

Create email rules quickly, filter by senders, domains, networks, countries, batch rules, MIME types, file extensions, custom rules, rules: RBL; SPF; DKIM, Bayes settings, recipient blacklist, valid recipients.

Military Standard Encryption

Encryption is a technology used to encrypt traffic data, so that the message can be intercepted if its content cannot be understood. On the other hand, only those who have the correct cryptographic key will be able to access the message.

Keyword detection

Register in anti-spam the keywords that concern you or need to be followed. Another way to avoid information leakage

Easy and Clean Layout

Have an objective anti-spam with a simple interface (clean). With a few clicks the user identifies the barred emails, defines his black and white lists and rescues retained emails.

Emails Audit and archiving (optional)

Audit all email accounts as you need. In addition to complying with compliance rules, auditing prevents information leakage by malicious users.

Easy Integration

BluePex® Phenomenal Support sets up transparently the MX record.

Our tool is compatible with Active Directory, Office 365 and Gmail, increasing greatly the protection layer through Anti-Spam.

Intelligent IT Management

Centralized management in the IT environment, protection against malicious artifacts, network and site vulnerability analysis, internet link management, headquarter and branch office interconnection, IT environment inventory, search for anomalous behaviors. A single solution for unified protection management of IT environments, most importantly with graphical layout, easy to read, shows the IT professional the current security condition of your computer network, all in real time.

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