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Employees are the main responsible for data leakage, 43% of companies suffered data loss due to the accidental or deliberate actions of their employees.

Ransomware attacks on enterprises have increased three-fold in the world

77% of companies admit that they had data leakage in the last year. The main cause is the kidnapping of data by attacks on the Ponemon Institute network

Every day 6,449,438 data is stolen or lost

20% of the small and medium business that suffered infection bankrupt

Our Solution

Block application access easily and efficiently

The new application firewall format, in addition to identifying standard behaviors, not only in the headers, but also in the packages data area, and determining what type of application was associated, is a very relevant feature as it allows not only the visibility, but also access controls operation, based on the type of application.

View the risk level in real time

Map your network’s risk levels intelligently with a customized vulnerability management dashboard. You can identify the threats in real time.

SD-WAN: High cloud availability

SD-Wan (Software Defined Balancing) simplifies the matrix / branch network system and optimizes application performance over the Internet and the hybrid remote network. Provides consolidated monitoring and visibility of multiple remote network links and service providers.

Faster and always available internet connection

Intelligent internet link balancing

All connections active and with high speed

Its corporate network keeps all active connections redundant and at high speed through compression, packet encryption, and L2TP, IPSec, or OpenVPN protocols. VPN connection between branches.

More productive employees

Control and block social networks and pornography with Webfilter +, control internet traffic in a way that protects the corporate network by limiting the user to only browse pages of the corporation interest. There are sites that consume internet bandwidth leaving the system slow and vulnerable. Others websites are wasting their team time.

Identify malware attack attempts before the invasion

The BluePex® UTM Firewall line has the IPS function, responsible for detecting intrusive files on the network. Malware and other viruses try to break into the network by themselves or through unintentional users. In this case the IPS function monitors the accesses and detects the attempted intrusion. Malware is automatically blocked and infected users are disinfected before entering the network.

Real-time navigation protection

Navigation protection does not allow site access that scatters trojans, spyware or any other type of malicious software, will prevent it from connecting and being infected.

Blocks dangerous websites and fraudulent access to prevent phishing and malware downloads.

File Protector, a protection layer that scans all downloaded files.

Behavior blocker detects new threats that are not known for the common attacks behavior Anti-Ransomware, custom behavior monitoring prevents the ransomware before it can encrypt data.

New malware prevention

Exclusive database of national and international threats, new malware and sophisticated attacks prevention through vulnerabilities like zero day.

Day-zero is an unknown vulnerability, which is used as heuristic artificial intelligence, block by dubious behavior, it sends a suspicious alert.

Internet banking Extra protection

Access your bank on internet without worry, in addition to the security mechanisms that your bank already has, your browser will receive extra anti-fraud protection.

BI Reports (Business Intelligence System) page accesses mapping, data traffic, UTMs monitoring, links quality.

Quick setup, simplified control panel with graphics in several formats and easy to read.

Network control in your hand, exclusive feature BluePex® Firewall UTM, available in Google Play and App Store.

Intelligent IT Management

Centralized management in the IT environment, protection against malicious artifacts, network and site vulnerability analysis, internet link management, headquarter and branch office interconnection, IT environment inventory, search for anomalous behaviors. A single solution for unified protection management of IT environments, most importantly with graphical layout, easy to read, shows the IT professional the current security condition of your computer network, all in real time.

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